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Anie and Andrew's wedding preparation page

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drgnsyr @ 02:38 am: Some of my favorite engagement pictures

Conquering the Bulldozer!

King and Queen of the Mountain - err ... bulldozer


Our attention has clearly been caught by something. Two very different somethings.

The Last Thing Standing


This is just a great picture. Not necessarily of us. Just in general. This next one, too.

So Very Us

I just love his face in this one. Unfortunately, I look pretty awkward.

And I love my face in this one. It looks like a movie still.

Another So Very Us

Though from an artistic perspective I think I like this one better

Love, True Love

That picture is just retardedly adorable. Thanks to his goatee, our chins make a heart :-P

That's not a Sunset. That's the World Burning.

We Know You're Watching

I wonder if that one can be lightened just slightly? From what I can see, that's one of the few shots where I like both of our expressions. Of course, I might just think that because it's dark.

We're Devious, We Are

If only there were slightly less shadow on Andrew's face, this would probably be my favorite picture. We look like we're plotting something.


No really, that was the entire point of that. Click on it and check out the picture right before it, too. I can't wait to buzz my head after the wedding :-P


I want to like this photo more than I do. I'm not sure what's up with that.

Story Time

The merit of this picture is almost entirely in the story. Our second night in the dorms we were sitting on a sofa in the lobby in his floor. We were clearly interested in flirting, but not sure how to break the ice. He started waggling his fingers at me and I started biting at them like a cat. Eventually, I caught one. Things went from there. That was August 17th, 2001. If you don't understand why I told you the date, go check my profile ;-)

Tenderness on a Table

One of the rare shots of me in my glasses.

"Huh? I have to marry her now?"

Ignore my face. Focus on Andrew's face. He just looks so confused all of a sudden. If you click on it, though, the very next shot is a great picture of me - not so much of Andrew.

"Excuse me, sir. We're trying to have a moment here. And where the hell did you come from, anyway."

"It's okay, Baby. We'll find a way home."

Nose Smoosh!

Pretty Picture Mostly of Me

Vanity is my damning vice

Start here and repeat the following words as you click forward: "Sneaky" "Sneaky" "She totally hasn't noticed me" "Sneaky" "Attack!"

Romance is Serious Business!

"Try and take her. You know you want to."

Monarchs of Chaos

I understand completely why my photographer loves this shot. As art, I agree with him. As a picture of me, I wish I had a better expression on.

A long and dusty road to nowhere. The collapse of familiar structures and an untamed wild creeping in on all sides. This is life. Will you share it with me?


Date:February 9th, 2011 09:09 pm (UTC)
Yall two ruined my birthday with this foolishness!
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Date:February 10th, 2011 03:40 am (UTC)
Umm ... who is this?
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